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Caring For Your Hardwood: Do's and Don'ts

2012/03/05 |

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Guest expert Yanic Simard wants you to keep your hardwood floors in tip-top shape! Here's his list of do's and don'ts when caring for your hardwood:

DO sweep and vacuum regularly (once or twice a week).
DO clean up water spills right away – water is one of wood’s worst enemies right away!
DO use area rugs and carpet runners in high traffic areas.
DO use a humidifier in the dry winter months to help avoid cracks and your floor from shrinking (in the summer when there’s more humidity, you’ll notice the floor expending and the gaps disappearing). Smaller boards will loosen less than wider planks.
DO contact your floor manufacturer for the best cleaning product for your floor.

DON’T use oils, waxes or furniture sprays. Oil leaves a residue, furniture spray creates a too-slick surface, and wax makes recoating difficult and will dull the finish. Also avoid straight ammonia, alkaline products and abrasive cleaners that can dull or scratch the finish.
DON’T ever wet mop a floor – you don’t want to add moisture or water to the floor because the wood will absorb it and over time you will get cupping issues and the floor will begin to warp.
DON’T wear high heels or heavy shoes on hardwood flooring.

Courtesy Yanic Simard Toronto Interior Design Group

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