The Live-in Caregiver Program


The aim of this program is to match your family with a Caregiver that suites your Family's needs.   

There is a shortage of caregivers for children and for elderly, due to insufficient Canadians wanting to fill this position and the many changes the Canadian government did to the Live-in Caregiver Program.  

Misconception of affordability also contributes to lack of pursing this method of child care.  The live-in foreign caregiver is much cheaper than daycare if you have two or more children requiring full-time daycare and more flexibility with hours of childcare.  I do not work a 9 to 5 job, like alot of people out there.   It is nice to know that if I have a late night, I don't have to go and wake my children up at the babysitter's, they are already at home in the comfort of their own beds. View the section of our web site that shows an example of a monthly budget for a Live-in Caregiver, no matter if it is for children or Elderly, for 1 child or more children, or even an elderly couple that need care and would like to remain in their home. 


Citizenship and Immigration Canada provides families and caregivers with detailed information regarding this program.  After registering with our agency, we will assist in providing all the information required to make the program as simple as possible.  

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