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At Caring Nanny Agency International Inc., we pride ourselves in placing professional caregivers from here in Canada and all over the world, for example, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Jamaica, Dubia, Saudi Arabia, and the Philippines. 

An experienced caregiver that fits your family's profile and personality makes the best match.  We will provide you with a selection of the best suited & educated caregivers according to your requirements. 

Choosing our agency makes the process simple and stress free for your family.  We provide you with a free consultation.  

If hiring from overseas, under the Live-in Caregiving Program, please allow up to approximately 6 to 9 months for government processing time, for your a Work Visa to be obtained by your chosen caregiver.   

Due to the shortage here in Canada, we can not give you a specific date to finding a live-in or live-out caregiver that is already here in Canada.  For this reason, we strongly recommend hiring from overseas, as this job is very commonly know by the Canadian government to have a shortage in Canada in finding child care or elder care.  Government cut backs and lack of daycare space and over crowded Nursing homes have left the best option for families to hire a Foreign Live-in Caregiver.  The bonus part is the possible afforability for a family by hiring a Live-in caregiver.  See our web site for an approximate outline of what a monthly budget looks like for hiring a Live-in Caregiver.  monthly



  • Parents decide who will nurture and influence their children on a daily basis
  • Peace of mind knowing you have a quality caregiver that you can trust, available at all times
  • Creating more quality time and flexibility within families
  • Your children will receive one on one attention and have a secure environment of their own home
  • Our agency helps with screening, interviews, matching, advertising and government application
  • All our caregivers have exceptional qualifications and are educated in many areas
  • Financial ease:  The program is affordable and cheaper and more flexible than daycare if you have two or more children requiring full time daycare.
  • Continuous support after placement for caregiver and family for issues such as Health Care, Social Insurance Number and even Payroll direction to a qualified individual that can assist you with your weekly/bi-weekly or monthly payroll for your caregiver.
  • The secure of leaving your children with a person who lives in your home, reduces separation anxiety from the parent
  • A home that is clean, meals cooked and children cared for at a cost that is less than daycare alone
  • Having your loved elderly family member that requires care, to remain in the security of their own home.

Family (Employer) - Free Consultation

  • Before you sign a contract
  • Employer's responsibility to a live-in caregiver
  • Deductions and Room & Board
  • Workers compensation
  • Government processing time apprx. 6 to 8 weeks to obtain an Labour Market Opinion.  
  • If you decided to go ahead with our service, the Government requires you to have a Business Number when submitting your application for a Nanny, you can register with Revenue Canada on-line at http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/bn/ ( Please note that this will take approximately 0 minutes to complete on-line. 
  • Once a BN# is obtained, the employer is required to post an ad on Job Bank Canada for no less then 14 days.  Please include your acquired BN# in your ad.  www.jobbank.gc.ca
  • There is also information on this web page that talks about payroll and payroll deductions that is very informative.

See the following web page for more detailed information about Government regulations as an employer and to hire a foreign Nanny.  Also look to Workplace Safety & Insurance Board WSIB, for legal obligations of hiring a live-in caregiver.




Please contact our office for any of your questions that you may have about our service. We can be reached at 289-893-2000, or you can e-mail us at   tammyboundy@hotmail.com .  We would be delighted to help in anyway that we can for such important matters as Child Care and Elderly Care.



Caregiver (Employee)

  • Live-in criteria
  • Child Care giving and housework responsibilities
  • Passports, visas and the work permit, ( government processing time is approximately 6 weeks to 2 and a half months in Hong Kong)
  • You are protected and know your rights
  • Hospital and Medical Insurance - Ontario Health Coverage also known as (OHIP) available after 3 months of arrival
  • Other benefits:  Employee Insurance and Pension Plan
  • Elgible for Social Insurance Number
  • Applying for permanent residence in Canada
  • If you require a blank Bio-data, please contact the office and one of our staff will fax it to you.
  • Please provide on your Bio-data, a contact number as well as a fax number as to where your Contract and HRDC approval can be sent to once approved. 


Please contact our office at 289-893-2000 and one of our agents can answer any questions that potential employees might have regarding our expectation and requirements to fill our clients needs.  we can also assist in how to fill out applications and the process of applying for a work visa in order for you to come to Canada.  For a quick link to complete a Work Visa Outside of Canada go to www.cic.gc.ca/english/pdf/kits/forms/IMM1295B.PDF   or  if you are already here in Canada and need to make changes to your application go to www.cic.gc.ca/english/pdf/kits/forms/IMM1249E.PDF

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